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. and conservative rick santorum is giving the front-runner mitt romney a stunning run for the money. we'll tell you everything you need to know about the latest in this historic primary. >>> and game on. who can beat obama? while the republicans voted, president obama tried to steal the show. >> now, i understand there are some political contests going on tonight. >> what do tonight's results tell us about how a race against the president could go down. >>> plus -- palin versus hbo. it's the game-changing tv movie that's got sarah palin fuming and demanding this film about her swift rise be labeled fiction. we tell you why she's crying foul. >>> good evening. i'm terry moran. tonight, it was a rollicking super tuesday with ten states and 437 delegates up for grabs in what now seems like a marathon republican contest to take on president barack obama. tonight saw mitt romney and rick santorum locked in a dead heat in the critical fight for ohio. right now abc news can report that romney has a lead of about 1 percentage point over santorum in that race, with romney looking like the apparent winner th
barack obama. tonight saw mitt romney and rick santorum locked in a dead heat in the critical fight for ohio. right now abc news can report that romney has a lead of about 1 percentage point over santorum in that race, with romney looking like the apparent winner there. that razor-thin victory means he's still poised to win the nomination, eventually. but with such a tight race it won't be easy. along with ohio romney took virginia, vermont, idaho, and massachusetts. while santorum won in tennessee, oklahoma, and north dakota. newt gingrich took only his home state of georgia. now, we're not going to be projecting a winner in the tenth state, alaska, where the results from the caucuses this evening are still coming in. in a race that is just now still too close to call. that's the way it's going all night. so here's a closer look at how the republican races went down tonight. >> thank you. >> reporter: they were cheering mitt romney in boston tonight, but super tuesday was really only okay for him. sure, he won five states including, apparently, the big prize of ohio by a razor-thin
and this could be romney's best opportunity to break away from his republican rivals. >> during this campaign there's been discussion about all sorts of issues, but i keep bringing it back to more jobs, less debt, and smaller government. >> reporter: romney seeing a bit of a surge here. a new poll from quinnipiac has him up three points over santorum. that's within the margin of error but it's a dramatic ten-point swing for romney in just a week. romney may be getting closer to the nomination, but there are troubling signs for his campaign down the road. a new poll found that just 28% of voters have a favorable view of him. among independents it's even worse 2:002%. even if rick santorum and newt gingrich pix pick up a few wins today, romney will likely emerge as the overall winner in that critical race for delegates. on the eve of super tuesday santorum made a plea to ohio voters. >> don't listen to the polls. don't listen to all the media hype. >> reporter: ohio voters are very familiar with the political spotlight, and today should be no different. a win for rick santorum kee
. we talk a lot about must-win states. and illinois wasn't necessarily one for mitt romney, but he did pick up a big win. but it's not going to change the dynamics of this race. mitt romney pulled out a decisive win in last night's illinois primary. >> what a night. thank you, illinois. what a night! wow. >> reporter: rick santorum lost a critical opportunity to score an upset and a large chunk of delegates. >> we won the areas that conservatives and republicans populate. we're very happy about that. we're happy about the delegates we're going to get, too. >> reporter: a series of missteps in recent days hurt santorum, including this statement on monday. >> i don't care what the unemployment rate is going to be. >> reporter: according to exit polls, romney was once again the overwhelming choice for voters whose top priority is beating president obama. illinois is a more favorable electorate for romney than the southern states that voted last week. 7 in 10 hailed from the suburbs. less than half called themselves evangelicals and only a quarter expressed a desire to see their candidate
finds mitt romney surging ahead of the republican pack. the poll finds romney six points now ahead of rick santorum. >> abc's rick klein looks at the race and which state is most important on super tuesday. good morning, rick. >> reporter: rob and paula, ohio is the ball game tuesday. it is a huge opportunity for rick santorum to show he can win a big battleground state, what he failed to do last week in michigan. and it may even be bigger for mitt romney. he can all but end the nomination fight by winning ohio. meanwhile, barbara bush, the former first lady, has recorded a call for mitt romney in ohio. >> hi. this is barbara bush. we have known the romneys for years and believe mitt is the best man to lead the country for the next four years and anne will make a great first lady. >> reporter: that means the republican establishment is falling in line behind mitt romney. this is a statement, a strong signal to the gop rank and file, it's time to coalesce behind the man who is almost certain to be their nominee. and all the candidates have to deal with these controversial comments t
for. >> absolutely. >>> well, to presidential politics now, where mitt romney has picked up more delegates in his quest for the nomination. romney won all 20 delegates at stake in puerto rico because he prevailed with more than 50% of the vote. that puts his delegate total at 521, far ahead of any rival. romney campaigns today in illinois, where he's favored to win tomorrow's primary. rick santorum will also be campaigning in illinois after the weekend appearances in louisiana, refusing calls to step aside. santorum claimed he was in the contest for the long haul because romney is a weak front-runner. he's also challenged romney to a one-on-one debate. >> he needs to put on a fighting illini jersey there. >>> well, president obama talk on america's bullies last night, lending his star power to a documentary aimed at children. his message, bullying is wrong and destructive and it's time to take action. here's abc's tanya rivero. >> punch me. >> reporter: the images in the new documentary film "bully" are difficult to watch. but even harder to live through. president obama lends hi
on the bellwether state of ohio. >> republican mitt romney is the apparent winner there. but the rick santorum campaign is not giving up yet. it's wednesday march 7th. >>> good wednesday morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm paula faris. with ten primary or caucus contests last night, mitt romney is apparently the winner in ohio. but barely. carrying major metropolitan counties there. he's way ahead of rick santorum in the delegate count, but santorum says it's not over until it's over. you get a feeling he's going to be able to look romney straight in the eye and say hey, i can match you now. >> it was a big night for sure. we've got details in just a second. also this morning, the president's carefully timed news conference on super tuesday. while gop voters in ten states went to the polls, he focused on foreign issues mainly yesterday, including the looming nuclear threat in iran. does he think there will be another mideast war? the president essentially saying yesterday give diplomacy a time to work, give the sanctions a time to work. and something that's not rea
rob and paula, back to you. >> thanks, karen. >> so a swing in ohio for romney but at the same time according to a poll the favorability rating is still low. >> amongst -- >> yes. amongst conservatives. >> that's been the problem, the perennial problem throughout the campaign. hasn't gotten those conservatives to rally around him yet. but we've also said that if it comes down to it those conservatives are going to vote for the republican nominee before they ever vote for president obama. so it's just a matter of time. stay with abc news as we cover super tuesday election returns. george stephanopoulos and diane sawyer will again anchor this evening's coverage. and of course "world news now" will have a full wrap-up early wednesday morning. >>> republican senator john mccain is calling on the white house to launch air strikes against syria. the senator says president obama has been too soft on the syrian government. he says military intervention is the only way to end president assad's brutal assault on his own people. and in syria civilians who have managed to escape the opposition
. republicans go to the polls in ten states today for the super tuesday showdown. >> will mitt romney walk away from these races a clear front-runner, or will conservatives show up in big numbers for rick santorum? it's tuesday march 6th. >>> what a big day it's going to be. good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm paula faris. we're ready for super tuesday. we've got super tuesday. we've got selection sunday this week. >> i'm more ready for sunday i think. >> mitt romney is expected to do well today despite some mixed polls this week, especially in favorability. we're going to take you to the buckeye state, ohio, which could be the state that could make or break a gop campaign tonight. you know the slogan in ohio is the heart of it all, and that's kind of the heart of the campaign right now. >> it is a huge state to win. that's for sure. see how that's going to turn out a few hours from now. >>> also this morning is rush limbaugh's latest apology to a law student too little too late? his comments, his increasing loss of advertising revenue, and the young woman h
long, hard slog. romney's won more than double the delegates that santorum has but he's still not even halfway to the magic number he needs to clinch the nomination. romney and his allies have paid a pretty penny to build that lead. $45 million on television ads alone. and that comes out to $12.40 per vote. santorum and his allies have spent $3 per vote. that's quite a bargain in comparison. and those tv ads that team romney is run ago. >> he's never run a business or a state. >> reporter: 86% have been negative and that's cost romney, too. last september, more americans had a favorable view of romney than an unfavorable one. now that's flipped. louisiana votes next, but after that, the road ahead looks much better for mitt romney than it does for rick santorum. rob and paula, back to you. >> of course, romney's folks are now kind of stepping up saying, well, guys, it's time to get out. let's wrap this thing up. and they are saying, look. when romney decided to drop out of the race in 2008, his delegate map looked a lot like santorum's does right now. he's saying look. four ye
might not be settled until the convention this summer. that's because at least in his words mitt romney has failed to "close the deal with american voters." however, the landscape could all change dramatically after tomorrow's super tuesday vote. with more on this here's abc's david kerley. thank you so much!e on tuesday. >> repter: if it seems like the candidates are moving a little quicker, it's because they have a lot of ground to cover and not a lot of time left till super tuesday. yes, super tuesday. when voters in ten states go to the polls. more delegates delivered in one night than in the entire campaign. so what's a candidate to do with lots of talking -- >> i will never apologize for the greatness of this country. >> reporter: ohio. that is the big prize. it's a swing state where romney could quiet his critics. >> obviously, if i got the nod from the people of ohio, that would send a big statement. >> hi, everybody. how are you doing? >> reporter: and santorum has a problem in ohio. he didn't complete all the paperwork and is at risk of being ineligible for more than a quarter
and math. it's gotten a lot of discussion in the past week, and it is still being discussed. with romney padding his lead a little bit with this and illinois the big prize still to come. but on the sunday talk shows santorum was saying he can still win this nomination. >> we still believe there are plenty of delegates out there for us to do what we've been doing, which is actually going out there and winning states and winning the tough battles and doing so over pretty overwhelming odds. >> reporter: romney didn't want to talk about the math on sunday, even though his campaign has spent a week calling on santorum and gingrich to drop out of the race because they can't win it. >> senator santorum i think has the same characteristic as the president in terms of his background. he's spent his life in government. nothing wrong with that. but right now we need someone who understands the economy fundamentally. >> reporter: what does this all mean? well, they probably can't win it, but they can keep romney from getting inting 14 1,1144 delegates. republicans are starting to realize that could
as well as missouri. >> not bad stomping grounds there at all. mitt romney will also travel to puerto rico ahead of the primary there. and even though he did not win in alabama and mississippi as expected, romney still picked up delegates toward what many predict is his eventual nomination as the gop candidate. also newt gingrich is promising to stay in the race despite losing in the two states that experts said he had to win to remain viable. >> newtrich -- newtrich. gingrich is remaining very stubborn in all of this. but if he did well in georgia obviously expected to do well in the south. he obviously did not. and at some point when do you have to get out of the race in terms of not continuing to hurt the are party? at some point it's clear you're not going to be the guy. so why stay in and risk l losin to obama? >> i think he just feels like he may not be the guy but he wants to orchestrate a brokered convention. that's what you hear both of these guys -- we may not get 1144, we don't want romney too either. so we're going toss force this down to the wire. >> but if you get to some rea
to the polls today in illinois. and another high stakes race for mitt romney and rick santorum. 69 delegates on the table there. romney is slightly ahead in the polls but is taking nothing for granted. he's calling on his secret member, his wife ann to help bring in republican women. and it seems to be working. >> what is the legacy we're going to leave our children and my grandchildren? i am hearing this from women everywhere. they are concerned about the economy. >> i think his wife is certainly going to help. i think she's a very strong, very beautiful woman. >> ann romney has called on all republicans to unite behind her husband suggesting it's time to move on to the next challenge, the race against president obama. >>> rick santorum is trying to recover from a gaffe on the campaign trail. after saying that he doesn't care what the unemployment rate is going to look like. after romney picked up on that comment, santorum tried to clarify his statement saying he does care about the unemployment rate, but that his campaign simply does not hinge on it. >> i like to fire people. do a little -
and also the state of hawaii today where 119 republican delegates are at stake. while mitt romney and rick santorum look for votes, we'll hear all about the celebrities who are now backing -- usually you think hol woorksd very liberal left and obviously the big money. we'll hear about those folks, though, not going democratic but republican. >> the 2% of hollywood. >> it's not a lot. >>> some southern california little leaguers were facing an uncertain future because money was running out. now they can play ball thanks to a surprising donor, rated x. >> oh. see? the pole comes to the rescue of the bat. >> so many different directions we can go with that. >> a touching story. but obviously we start the newscast with very serious news. that soldier accused of those terrible crimes could pay with his life if he's found guilty. defense secretary leon panetta says he would consider the death penalty in this case. >> and this morning we do know much more about the accused gunman's background. abc's diana alvear is moneying us with morning with new details. >> reporter: rob and paula, good morni
. but when you throw mitt romney's name into the mix, look at that, there are only two points separating the gop front-runner from president obama. the issue of rising gas prices is not helping the president. 65% disapprove of the way that he's handling it. just 38% approve of the way he's handling the economy. >>> and speaking of romney, he is spending his 65th birthday campaigning in alabama today ahead of tomorrow's primaries. rick santorum is urging newt gingrich to step aside, saying a head-to-head contest between himself and romney should in his word happen sooner rather than later. gingrich is having none of it. of course he's not. instead predicted that he's going to win tomorrow. and we're also hearing potentially a rick perry-newt gingrich ticket. that would be interesting. >>> and the 2008 presidential race made headlines this weekend after hbo aired its controversial movie called "game change." it lays out just how sarah palin was chosen as john mccain's running mate. it's chock full of juicy insider campaign secrets. here's abc's david kerley. >> do you know what the fed is?
. >> and romney kind of tightening the gap with santorum in ohio, too. all eyes on that state. and front-runner mitt romney picked up endorsements over the weekend. two influential gop lawmakers threw their support behind romney. he picked up endorsements from house majority leader eric cantor of virginia, who promises romney will take that state tuesday, and on top of that one of the most conservative members of the u.s. senate, oklahoma's tom coburn is also now backing the former massachusetts governor. meanwhile, rick santorum says the nomination may not be decided until the party's convention this summer. campaigning in oklahoma ahead of tuesday's primary santorum says that romney has failed to "close the deal with voters" despite having a huge financial advantage. >>> vladimir putin is celebrating his definitive victory in russia's presidential election. but opposition groups say they don't recognize the results, complaining of widespread fraud. and today they plan to rally near the kremlin. the bbc's daniel sanford reports from moscow. >> reporter: vladimir putin appeared in front
... ♪ ♪ >>> this morning on "world n >>> this morning on "world news now" -- powerful victory. mitt romney adds another win. this time a double-digit triumph in the illinois primary. >> and his team isn't being shy either. increasing their calls for romney rivals to step aside. it's wednesday, march 21st. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good wednesday morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> it's wednesday. it's march 21st? where has this year gone? >> fast, fast. hump day. >> that's right. i'm paula faris on this hump day. and to the victor goes the spoils. like many other mornings this year so far, the victor is mitt romney. his win last night in illinois not only increased his delegate count lead but it's got his campaign team calling on the other republicans to drop out of the race once and for all. and i think we can all assume what their response to that was. >> santorum's speech last night. i'm not going anywhere. i'll be in louisiana saturday and in pennsylvania five weeks from now. these guys are staying in it. a much more confident mitt romney last nigh
are boosting his campaign and raising serious new questions about mitt romney and newt gingrich. it's wednesday march 14th. >>> good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm paula faris. rick santorum says that last night's primaries prove he is still a strong contender in the race. the clear winner in alabama. and he also walked away with 1/3 of the vote in mississippi as well. mitt romney came in third in both races. we're going to get a wrap-up in just a moment. but maybe a little bit of surprise. maybe not surprise because there are a lot of evangelicals down in the south, especially in alabama. and mississippi. he caters to them. >> he was predicted to do well. the south is kind of considered newt gingrich territory. he won georgia pretty handily, but that did not transfer over to other parts of the deep south. santorum trying to frame himself as the conservative alternative to mitt romney. >> the true conservative. >> the true conservative. our other big story on this wednesday morning, international outrage after an american army soldier went on a fatal shooting rampage in an afgha
's old stomping grounds. >> while polls favor mitt romney, it could be a close race with rick santorum today. it is tuesday, march 20th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning on this first day of spring. i'm paula faris. first day of spring. >> thank you, lord. it's good. it's good. sunshine. >> i still think we have a wave of snow. >> don't jinx it. don't jinx it. mother nature has been good to us, or mild. good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >>> both leading republicans mitt romney and rick santorum have been trading jabs about the economy while stumping for votes in illinois. even romney is now admitting the economy is starting to turn around. what this all means for the race. >> another big headline this morning is new inside information about that army sergeant accused of killing 16 afghan villagers. robert bales' attorney met with him for seven hours yesterday. what they say bales' biggest fear is right now. >>> and also this half hour, the 13-year-old wisconsin girl who started her own charity after seeing something right here on abc news. s
>>> this morning on "world news now" -- campaign momentum. mitt romney wins 20 more delegates after his victory in the puerto rico primary last night. >> why it's now a numbers game as the gop candidates head into the illinois primary tomorrow. it's monday march 19th. >>> good monday morning, everyone. i'm paula faris. hope you had a wonderful weekend. >> and i'm t.j. winick in for rob nelson. >>> there are two big contests for the gop this weekend. illinois and louisiana are both up for grabs, with romney winning in puerto rico. he's convinced latino voters are behind him. rick santorum insists he's in the race for the long run. >>> also this morning, was it a mercy killing or was it murder? a man in washington state says that his wife begged him to kill her because she had terminal cancer. well, now he's facing serious charges and opened up a very sensitive debate. so what would you do in this situation? it's up for discussion on our facebook page. but clearly, a lot of people kind of empathizing where he's coming from. >> absolutely. on a lighter note la
that he can have clear-cut contest against mitt romney. >>> an international push to end syria's bloody conflict has stalled. u.n. special envoy kofi annan led a two-day peace-making mission in damascus but left with no deal. government and opposition leaders both rejected cease-fire negotiations. this morning syrian forces are still pounding the central city of homs and battling rebel fighters across the country. back here at home it was a dramatic rescue at sea for a cruise ship passenger off the coast of virginia. a coast guard helicopter airlifted a sick woman off the "norwegian jewel." the capital hn call a captain had called for help saying a woman with abdominal pains was in need of medical attention. the woman was hoisted into the helicopter and flown to the hospital. >>> the so-called manhattan madam is due back in court this morning. a new york judge will consider whether anna christina has money to pay for an attorney. she faces seven years in prison on charges of promoting prostitution. also today her alleged partner is expected to surrender to police. janie baker is accused
, and 40% say an unidentified gop nominee will beat him. but when you throw mitt romney's name into the mix, the race is neck and neck, with two points separating the president from the gop front-runner. the issue of rising gas prices is not helping the president. 65% disapprove of the way he's handling it. just 38% approve of the way he's handling the economy. >> you have a feeling it's all going to come down to the bottom of the ninth inning this november. >>> well, the gop candidates are spending their last full day of campaigning ahead of tomorrow's primaries in alabama and mississippi. >> here's where things stand. mitt romney with a commanding lead on the road to 1,144 delegates with 454 more than the others combined. abc's rick klein is following the campaign. rick, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, paula and t.j. rick santorum says it's pathetic for mitt romney to be leaning on math right now and making the case that he is the candidate to be beaten. and that is of course pathetic only if you believe that playing by the rules and winning by those rules is pathetic. this is a
, gaffe from the romney camp. >> every day it's something new. >>> and later on in this half hour, on this thursday morning, she's known as one of the sexiest women in all of the world. famous for her swimsuit modeling but now she is wearing prison garb. accused of being a criminal mastermind. >> living that double life a little bit, allegedly. so we'll get to that in just a second. a little scandal there. >>> but first, outrage over the shooting of an unarmed florida teenager is now spreading far beyond the sunshine state. >> hundreds of new yorkers hit the streets last night to demand justice. wabc's carolina lead was there. [ chanting ] >> reporter: it was a rally with a specific goal. justice for 17-year-old trayvon martin. this million hoodies march drew more than 2,000 people to union square. his parents' voices empowered by the crowd. >> trayvon martin was you. trayvon martin did matter. i just want new york to know that we're not going to stop until we get justice for trayvon. >> reporter: the florida boy was wearing a hoodie and carrying a soda and a pack of skittles when
and mitt romney are both claiming that they have the momentum going into next week's super tuesday contest. and of course they split all those delegates from michigan, 15 apiece. >> at one moment last nitric santorum was explaining why the constitution was written or the rationale behind it, and one person yelled out, "to protect us from you." so it was not the kind of warm reception the politicians usually get. it's getting heated, folks. >>> moving on now, we hear plenty from people born on leap day trying to get away with fudging of course on their ages. >> but what about couples who tie a knot on february 29th? well, a michigan couple celebrated their first anniversary last night even though they got married in 2008. she says he picked the date so he could cheap out, her words, on anniversary gifts. >> they finally agreed that on leap year anniversaries they'll travel and on off years they'll celebrate by going to a red wings game. not bad at all. secrecy it delays the seven-year it itch. look at the bright side. we'll be back with more "world news now" after this. >> 28 years. ♪ it
. rick santorum campaigned in wisconsin last night where he said mitt romney was, quote, uniquely unqualified to be the party's nominee calling him the etch-a-sketch candidate. santorum scored a huge victory in the louisiana primary over the weekend. is he doing more harm than good by staying in the race? here's abc's david kerley. >> we're still here. we're still fighting. >> reporter: even though santorum won big, he still has to convince republicans he hasn't already lost the nomination to romney. >> you don't believe as the pundits have said that this race is over. you didn't get the memo. >> reporter: but even that big win didn't bring big delegate dividends. santorum netted five. romney still has twice the number of delegates. the math says romney will win and some republicans believe the bickering between candidates -- >> senator santorum has the same economic lightweight background. >> reporter: -- is only hurting their chances. >> governor romney called me an economic lightweight. >> reporter: -- to beat president obama. >> leaving one to wonder what romney would say. >>
on keeping mitt romney from getting the delegates needed. if he does drop out, romney getting about a 19-point lead over santorum. >>> and mitt romney made his first late night tv appearance since announcing his run for the white house. in a wide-ranging interview on "the tonight show," romney mostly stuck to the issues but he did manage just a few jabs in there. he took a mild shot at rival rick santorum for losing his cool with a reporter saying santorum would make a good press secretary. and then he got more serious. >> rick santorum is a good guy. he's running a good campaign. we have some differences in background and differences on some issues. but basically, a good guy. i am happy with him saying he'd like to be part of an administration with me. nothing wrong with that, if he's the vp, that's better. >> okay. well, some of romney's more serious comments include repeating his claim that announcing a withdrawal date from u.s. forces from afghanistan was a mistake and vowing he'd repeal president obama's health care overhaul. >> santorum did fire back a little bit saying someone nee
in line behind mitt romney as it becomes more evident that he will be eventual nominee. now, they have the party patriarch. former president george h.w. bush and his wife, barbara, will formally endorse romney today. last night, florida senator marco rubio backing romney, saying it's increasingly clear that he will win the nomination. of course, rubio could help bring in some of those latino votes as well. and vice president biden sharpened his attacks on romney during a campaign stop in iowa. biden said that romney is consistently wrong on u.s. manufacturing. the vice president, who is known for his verbal gaffes, created a stir later when he mistakenly thanked dr. pepper instead of a college president named dr. paper. now i'm in the mood for dr. pepper. >> exactly. and rubio rumored to be a vice president candidate, so that's an interesting endorsement for a number of reasons. >>> all right, other news now. pope benedict is back home at the vatican this morning after his historic visit to cuba. the pope spent some one on one time with former leader fidel castro, who told the pontiff
rolling in for gop presidential candidate mitt romney. congressman paul ryan, the high-profile head of the house budget committee is expected to announce his support today for the former massachusetts governor. there's also speculation that ryan could be picked for number two on the ticket. yesterday, former president george h.w. bush formally announced his endorsement for romney. >>> this might make for interesting eavesdropping. romney acknowledges he and newt gingrich get together to chat from time to time. romney calls their interactions part of an ongoing friendly discourse and not some secret strategy session. there's growing pressure, of course, on gingrich to drop out and support romney. >>> mega millions mania has reached a fever pitch across the country with people from all walks of life fantasizing about winning that more than $500 million jackpot. a lump sum payout on the record $540 million prize would amount to about $230 million after taxes. not too shabby. people have been waiting in line for hours undeterred by the 1 in 176 million odds of scoring a single winning t
, the price of gas. and because of that mitt romney is now starting to play a little bit of the blame game. he told a campaign audience last night that president obama is in part to blame for higher prices at the pump. romney points fingers at the president for slowing down the licensing and permitting of offshore rigs and onshore drilling. gas is nearly 50 cents a gallon higher than it was just a year ago. >> he's a big proponent for that keystone pipeline as well. >>> and those gas prices and other major economic issues are highlighted in a new film just released by president obama's re-election campaign. abc's jake tapper has a preview. >> reporter: the highly produced film is narrated by the star of "forrest gump," actor tom hanks. >> run, forrest, run! >> reporter: but instead of run forrest run, it's run obama run. the film seeks to reframe the election from a referendumn president obama to a reminder of how rough things were when he took office more than three years ago. >> his advisers would ask where to begin. which urgent need would he put first? >> which is one? which is two? which
because santorum has made such a strong sxas helps romney's problem with the conservative voters. >> with the base. >> could be very interesting. think about it. could work. >> i'm thinking about. >> see what's down the line. >>> more political news. his republican rivals have hammered president obama about those rising gas prooss but speaking in nic north carolina yesterday the president urged americans to explore other kinds of fuel. a grant to local communities to encourage greater use of fuel-efficient technologies. >>> also this morning rush limbaugh is trying to reassure listeners after his radio show lost more than 40 advertisers now. sponsors began of course to pull out after limbaugh called a georgetown law student a slut and a prostitute. however, limbaugh told his audience, it's like losing just a couple of french fries at the drive-thru, you're barely going to notice it, the show's not financially hurting. he insists the yanked spots have had little if any impact on his show's revenue. so rush is here to stay. >> because he has 18,000 companies that could be advertisi
against mitt romney. romney is far ahead in the delegate count. he has 419 compared to santorum's 178. meantime, gingrich has only won two states, south carolina. >> and gingrich said he would consider dropping out if he really thought romney or santorum could beat obama. romney fired back and said look, only an act of god at this point could get rick or mitt the nomination. >> so you're saying he has a chance? >> romney said only an act of god could get -- it was the other two guys the nomination. >> we know what you mean. >> you know what i mean i'm still thinking about the milli vanilli -- >> it's the sun. >>> republicans have been highly critical of president obama over those spike in gas prices these days. >> but the president told an audience in north carolina that americans need to cut their dependence on oil. abc's t.j. winick has the president's message. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: good morning, rob and paula. the day after super tuesday you might say president obama was back on the road campaigning himself. barack obama was in the battleground state of north carolina, yo
be another thing that kind of gives him the new boost as he continues to chase romney in the delegate math here. so stay tuned. >> mm-hmm. we always love political theater. >> it's a fun year. >>> all right. shifting gears now to news overseas. this morning there's new evidence of the deadly unrest still plaguing syria. this amateur video of rebel fighters firing on government troops was reportedly taken in the violence-scarred city of homs. meanwhile, a top deputy in president bashar assad's regime has now become the highest-ranking official to defect. he's accusing the government of vast crimes against its own people. perhaps the beginning of the end. >>> well, an international crisis is getting exposure in a new video that has gone viral. >> get this. it's actually been viewed more than 40 million times, propelled by celebrity tweets and even fans on facebook, especially teens and young adults. abc's karen travers has more on this story. good morning, karen. >> reporter: good morning, rob. good morning, paula. this video is burning up the internet. and it's about a man that most america
for the former pennsylvania senator were two times greater than queries for front-runner mitt romney. we saw questions about the presidential hopefuls' religion, net worth, and their ages. and voters are also taking a closer look at the candidates' wives. this week both romney and santorum's spouses were in the news. but internet users seemed to be more intrigued with ann romney than karen santorum. searches for mrs. romney were up more than 1,500%. and she garnered ten times the searches of mrs. santorum. as the gop candidates slog on to the next set of primary races, yahoo news is taking a personal look at the issues up for debate this campaign season. in the new online documentary series "remake america." starting this week, we'll sit at the kitchen table with six families struggling to achieve the american dream and dispatch a team of experts to help them break through. you can follow their stories on yahoo news. and in other news, spring break is fast approaching, and lots of college students are in a frenzy to make plans and to make sure that their vacation destinations are safe. we've
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